What’s most important to us is taking the time to have a conversation with our
customers to understand their interests and needs. We also work hard to make sure
that customers understand what they’re getting in their policy upfront to avoid any
But I thought my policy covered…” after the fact.

Home Insurance

Your home is your castle, and so much more, it’s filled with the chairs and couches you sit on, the beds you sleep in, the television you watch, and the pants, shirts and shoes you wear every day. From basic necessities to family heirlooms, your house is where you keep all of the things that are important in your life and you don’t want to worry about how you’ll replace them if something does get damaged or stolen.

Home insurance is one of the most flexible types of policies there is. You don’t want to spend extra money for coverage you don’t really need, but you also don’t want a plan so basic it will leave you hanging if something does happen. We can help you find the best balance because we take the time to ask the right questions and get to know you. Whether it’s your great grandmother’s prized jewelry, or your brand new flat-screen TV, let’s talk about getting you the right coverage for all of the things that you value the most in your home.

Auto Insurance

You drive it to work in the morning and soccer games on the weekends and you also eat in it, sing in it, and hold impromptu family meetings in it. It’s been home to countless lost coins, the occasional gummy bear stuck in the floor mat, and lots and lots of memories. It’s your car and more than anything you need to protect it because it keeps you and your family going.

Just like your car, while many auto insurance policies look similar from the outside, there can also be a lot of important little differences once you get in. We spend the time to explain the details of what makes each policy option different and help you find a plan that matches your specific needs and budget; whether it’s just basic coverage or extra benefits like roadside assistance, accident forgiveness or a vanishing deductible. Let’s spend some time talking about you, your vehicles, and the best way for you to protect them.

Life Insurance

We don’t always know where our life is going to go exactly, but most of us have some sort of plan. Things may change as you get married, buy a new home, or find out you’re going to be a parent but you still want that plan to be able to continue and those you provide for to be taken care of no matter what happens. And that’s exactly what life insurance is, security that the things that are important to you will stay on track even if there is an interruption in your plan.

We’ve always felt that a conversation about life insurance should begin by discovering what you want for you and your family down the road. Sending kids to college or paying off a mortgage may be one part of that, but so is simply covering grocery bills, healthcare costs and other basic necessities for those who rely on you over the next five, ten, or even twenty years. Talking over both your goals and needs helps us create custom coverage that creates more security for your future. There’s no better time to start that conversation than today

Other Insurance

You bought your boat, motorcycle, jet ski, RV or ATV so you could get out and enjoy life. But if you do happen to back your camper up a little too close to the garage or catch an underwater tree stump with your propeller we can help make sure you’ve got the right coverage ahead of time so you can get back to having fun sooner.

Are you more of a weekend fisherman, into waterskiing or just like to cruise with your boat and does your policy take that into account? Does your current motorcycle insurance cover the custom body work and accessories you added on? Find out about our customizable coverage options that fit your exact needs and help you relax and enjoy your toys.



We have never had an issue that Kevin hasn’t resolved & generally above our expectations including temptation to leave Nationwide for a “cheap deal” a few times. He’s highly trained in the insurance business including what his competitors are doing and all the driving forces in these tough economic times.


I have had Kevin as my Nationwide Agent for many years for home, car, boat and life insurance. Kevin and Fran are great to work with and I highly recommend them.

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